As I am myself a member of Neelkant Heights I am delighted to hear that this much awaited Upvan Festival is well on its way to realization. I wish the able organizers of this festival the best of luck, and hope that it will develop into an annual landmark cultural event of Thane city.

Best wishes

Akbar Padamsee


Upavan Arts Festival is a celebration of creativity and conscience. Thane city has now emerged on a global canvass of Art and Culture. Art and Culture is a reflection of that creativity and conscience. Music or sculpture, painting or architecture, dance or literature--all forms of cultural expression will magnificently manifest in the Upavan Arts Festival for three days and nights.
The leading lights in these creative arts and towering figures in social life will come together to enrich and enlighten the ever expanding landscape of Thane.
The Festival will reincarnate Thane and rekindle the spirit of the people of Thane.

"When I was informed of the upcoming 'Upvan Arts Festival' by the able team working for it, I realized that we were about to witness the birth of a very special cultural festival in Thane. A festival that will bring the best of National level talent to our city, and also highlight the strong heritage and extremely diverse artistic culture of Thane itself.
I am confident Upvan Arts Festival which aims to be an annual landmark festival will become synonymous with this bustling metropolis in every field.
I wish the organisers all the very best and look forward to be a part of this magnificent festival.



Upvan Lake, Pokhran No 2, Thane West
Mumbai, Maharashtra
400610 India